Where can I buy Uncle Pep's products?
Uncle Pep's products are now available in Charlotte, NC at The Cocktailery located in South End - Atherton Mills. Our mixes are also available here through our online store. We offer free local delivery if you live in the Charlotte, NC area. 
How do I make a Bloody Mary?
Surprisingly, we get this question a lot! All of our mixes have the recipes on their label. We take the guessing out for you! 
Does your Margarita Mix really only have 25 calories?
It does! We use a monk fruit extract which is an all natural sugar substitute. The best part is you won't feel guilty pouring yourself another drink!

What is Brunch Punch?
Brunch Punch is our play on the popular mimosa drink. We use fresh-squeezed fruit in our mix! Just add your favorite spirit or sparkling wine and enjoy!

Why shake the mix before serving?
Uncle Pep used only the freshest ingredients and so do we! As a result, separation is totally natural. Please shake well before serving.

How long do the mixes last once opened?
Our mixes that have been continuously refrigerated will keep at best quality for about 3 to 4 weeks after opening. Please make sure lid is sealed.